Social Bookmarking (a term)

On the social bookmarking, users allowed to create an account to add their bookmarks to. This is the advantage when finding an interesting page on the Internet, users are able to bookmark the page to keep in mind the page address. Bookmarking tools assist user to gain faster as well as easier access to the page. On the other hand it makes easier to advertise something, especially product. Tend  to gain the advantage, this sites become useful among Internet user.

Then, the term social bookmarking becomes familiar. On the media, John Udell on his article, ‘The human information filter,’ InfoWorld, dated August 27th, 2004 is a first known using the word ‘social bookmarking’. He writes:

In last week’s column, I mentioned, Joshua Schachter’s ‘social bookmarking‘ service. Since then, I’ve explored the service more deeply in a series of blog entries. Using, I’m now able to process information in dramatically more efficient ways. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

On, 28th April 2011, a news report titled ‘YouTube founders buy Delicious from Yahoo,’ also use the word,

Delicious describes itself as a social bookmarking system in which members flag and tag sites, articles and media they find interesting. These can then be shared with other Delicious users.

Monitoring the use of the word ‘social bookmarking’, it has been established on the social network and spread. Take a look further at ‘(to) bookmark’ as a verb, ‘(a) bookmark’ as a noun and ‘bookmark(ed/ing)’ as an adjective, the word-formation, according to Brinton and Brinton (2010:105), the syntactic patterns in English compounds, noun + verb > verb. Though it is a verb, there is a few findings that ‘bookmark’ is not only verb, but also converted to noun and adjective.


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