In front of the Islamic University, there was a car. The two girls sat and waiting. Elvyn and his boyfriend, is Aryo were talking something. The two girls, one of them was reading a novel and other was reading a newspaper. Elvyn’s sister, Ani sat inside the car.

The car started in the evening. Suddenly, Elvyn heard explosion in other place. It saw very danger. Without ask to another he straight on ordered Aryo for driving the car faster Elvyn asked Aryo for looking for source of the explosion. In that time her sister be afraid. Outside the car the weather so cold and was rain. And then the girl who was reading the novel stop her activity and then she helped for looking for source of explosion.

“ Where are we going sister?”Ani asked.

“Over to the source of explosion, there was a bomb explode” said Elvyn.

Elvyn is a journalist. She need the information for news today. Without waste the time she asked her sister for back to her home. Exactly, her sister would accompany by her friends, the two girls.

Elvyn and Aryo straight on ask people who stood up besides the road.

“ Where is the explosion?” Elvyn asked.

“ At Jalan Soekarno Hatta, exactly at Airport” said the people.

“ oh, thank you” said Elvyn.

Across the road they found many people assemble. Oh yeah, not only public but also many polices and journalist came there.

The police was ready. They afraid if suddenly another bomb come up.

Outside the Lift lay down an old women. There was so mess up because explosion She had been trying to ask a helping but she couldn’t do it, she was . Elvyn come to her and try to help. Elvyn just aware that an old women is her grandmother. Her Grandmother come from England for stay in Elvyn’s home.

“ oh, my God ” Elvyn said

She was very sad. She called Aryo and then carried out her grandmother to hospital. Grandma was in serious condition. Hence, Elvyn asked her parents for come to hospital. After her parents come further she go to Airport further for search news, the news is very important for her carrier.

“ Elvyn be careful on the way ! take care, ok!” said her mother.

“Ok , mom. I order my grandma. Please keep her and give information if suddenly need me, Ok” Elvyn said.

Not very long time finally she arrived in the Airport. But just enter the Airport, her phone rang. She pick up the phone and her mother said that she must back to hospital in that time.

Elvyn felt unwell if something wrong come to her Grandma. Before she search the news she back to hospital. Her feeling is true. Her grandma was died twenty minutes ago. She was very sad. She is just silent. No talking anything. In her heart she promises will find the cause of tragedy the bomb.


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