The Symbol of Happening (Desti Laela Setiawati)


The society in Rouse village believes in dream, which was always has a meaning. Dream was symbol, symbol of the happen in life. Sometimes, we know that dream was just a slept flower, it just decoration our slept.


Mother… mother…..!!! Could you help me? I was very afraid.. oh… see behind me mother, there was a crocodile. It wanted bit me mother, but why? Why the crocodile was always following me. Was there any something with me? Or he loved me mother? Mother…. Ah… I wanted to hide there, for a moment, mother. Oh.. My God, helped me, please… oh..yes the crocodile has lost and go far away.”


Mother: Who were you? Have you some business with me? If I must say, I have not seen you yet. And why you looked very different with another people as I known?

The women: yes, of course, because you have not met with me yet, and may be you could never meet me. I knew that my present here was making surprise, but did you known my purposed? Heard me, I came here to ask your child, your girl child, Andin. I wanted a child, please gave Andin for me.

Mother: what you said? You wanted my child, she was my child, ina and I would not permit everyone to bring her from me. Were you got it? Now, go far way…

The women: but I wanted something for you, just for you. Everything, never minded but it must from you, because you were very special for me.

Mother: but… but why you wanted my girl child from me not the others? The women: yes… as I have said because you, your family was special. Ok, if you could not give your girl child for me, how about if I wanted the RED ONE.

Mother: oh… sorry I could not understand what you mean. Please give me more explanation about the meaning of RED ONE!.

The women: in short time, you would know what I mean, the RED ONE like my cloth and my veil. Oh… I was very like the red thing. See you next time mother’s Andin.”


Sister… sister… woke up…!!! Woke up!!!. What was happening, my young sister? I was much slept tight, I was very sleepy. Sister lets go out from here. The land was swaying sister. I was afraid, sister. Lets, we go out. Yes, of course. Mother, open the door, woke up mother, came on quickly. The land was swaying; we must out from our home. Oh… mom, where was the key? Oh… mom, sister where were you, why the lamp turn off?. Resya, yes, we were here. Let’s go out from here. A…………w……. what happened? Something fell down. And it liked glass or mirror? Ah… forgot it, go out from here.

Oh… mom, what happened? I was very afraid mother. Shyuut, Resya, slow down honey. Our God was remembering us to woke up in mid night, because may be as we knew that every body sometime forgot him, they was just spent their time for slept or for happiness. Were you getting it, hah?

Look into our house, the shaking finished. Lets to enter our house! My beloved children come on take to ablution and pray in your praying.”



The Rouse society in Sunday rather surprise because some of them talked about the happening in the mid night, when everybody slept tight, there was a big land shaking. “It was a symbol that the happening will come to our life here. Where, many people died by an accident, many people sick by a disease. And may be more than…, in our life. So we must take care, if we will do something”, said the master of village”.

“Mother, what must we do for this statement? I thought it was illogical statement, why they believe surely if something will happen. He was not God, but he was just a man, created by our God, Allah SWT. Is it right mom?”. “Yes, you right, Andin. As we have known that some of our society still has faith about the ancient thinking”. “Oh… Yah … mom, did you still remember about the night? When, father’s photo frame fell down. Why was just father’s photo, not the? Did you thought if it was a symbol?”. “Emh… Andin, what you said? I thought there was no something, it just causally, ok… forgot it honey!”.

In the noon of Sunday… the Raunda’s family was watching television. They talked more about the happening in the night and the society assumption about a symbol of happening.

In a short time, some one came to their house and took some of information for them. “Did you know, if someone has died because his motorbike collision with a car. Oh… I could not forget when blood spread the way”. “Oh… that was a terrible sound for me, and then how the driver condition?”. “He has still socked and his body was very weary”.

The sky look dark, the situation in Rouse village was very lonely. t he society was very afraid, afraid if man’s talked will right. The happening will come to their life in Rouse Village.

Day by day run quickly, every body as usual done their activity. Some of them went to traditional market for bought and sold something. Likewise Andin and her mother, they went to traditional market for bought some food. There was very crowded, many people came to there. Some of them made a circle to see snake acrobat, which dance with a girl. Beside that, an old man sat on the way, he was a beggar. “Mother, look there the unfortunately man, he must sat under the light sun” said Andin. “Yah… it was a life, there was many kinds of people. Boy and girl, white and black, then rich and poor. It was life Andin, everyone has a destiny, lets go there we must back quickly, because your youngest brother has not take a bath” her mother noted.

“Aw… … … !!!”… “Mom, look there… the old man!!! What’s happened with him? Why every body went there?” Andin socked. “Oh… my GOD… Andin, he was died… the truck break up his arm, his blood out more until he died, Innalillahi Wainailaihi Raji’un”. Her Mother touched.

“mom… why…there was many accident in our village? Remember mom about the master’s talking. May be he was right if the happening in the night was a symbol if the happening will come”. Andin tried to give answer about all. “Andin, shut up!!! What you have just now said? I thought it was causally, ok… there was not connection with everything. Our GOD was trying us. Lets go back to our house!”.

The happening was very horrible. Until some of them has chose to stay at their house. Every one has known why they will not go any where _ they were very afraid…… if the happening will came to them selves.



A week from the last happening…

Father, How about our program next day?, said Andin. Didn’t you persuade me to go to somewhere? Lets go tomorrow father…”. “ok…, with whom? Resya? “I was sory Dad, tomorrow I had have agenda with my best friend to study together in Miss. Russel’s House. So, I could not acompany you my sister” Resya explain. “Ok.. Never mind” said father. “Dad, how about me, I wanted to go with you “Said Angga, his youngest son”. “Ok… you could follow tomorrow”. Oh yes, mother, how about you?” father asked “Oh.. I thought I have not accompanied you”. Mother said. “Well…!!” father noted”.

In the early morning, they have prepared to go. They have ready to go. “Father, lets go… we go now!!!” “For a moment Andin, there was trouble with the car”, Said father. “Yupz… father, you looks very lazy to go, were you ok?”. “Yes, I was ok, Andin, lets go now!!”.

The beauty day, which was very happy they all. “Father, sister look out there was a child who sung and danced beautifully” said Angga, her brother. When they come to a market they have stooped their trip. There bought cloth, some food, fruit, cassette and some of utensil for their mother and sister.

father, the time was a half of six we must come back quickly because day would be dark” said Andin. “Ok … Honey”.

The day was rather dark, the situation in the trip was lonely”. And then, the time was nine a clock. Suddenly, oh… “Astaghfirullah hal’adim”… “ Allahu akbar… Allah…. Allah…”. Aw… help me…. Help me…. “Laillaha Ilallah….. Lailahailallah….”. “Oh… My God, where was me now? I was still life? father… father… father……………………………..!!!. oh… My God I was getting the accident in this ravine, my father with the car fall down with rolling in this ravine. I was sorry father, because I could not help you”. Andin sat on the stone.

Sister….. sister…. Father…. Where were you? Angga screaming loudly… In his cried. “turn up Angga, I was here, above you. Lets go up straight. We must search the helping from another people to help our father”, Andin said.

They tried to call their father but there was no sound. They went to a house and search the helping. And then, every body there one by one came to them, and some of them went to the ravine for search their father.

In short story… they came back to their house. Their mother and their brothers and sisters were very sad in that happening. And until some of day after that, they could not find their father, “May be your father was dead!” said their mother to Andin and Angga.

Yes, I knew…what was the meaning of that dreaming? Red means blood, our car color, and your father cloth color. Oh… I can imagine if my husband must go leaving me and we all” said mother in her cried.

Yes mom… and I were too. Now, I knew about my dreaming that time, that crocodile was a symbol which I, my self and my family would get the accident and sadness. Yes… that dreaming has answered now !!!.


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