The Journey of Wamena (Eulis Tanti Silviani)

nes upon the time on the burning hot light sun at Wamena-Papua, there was another ‘Trigana-R’ Aero Plan (helicopter) arrived. the black man with the culture cloth stood up while he was smoking, his name is Tabuni he was a Danny (wamena’s occupation).

Dias and his father ‘Frans saeto’ was on wrong track, they stranded from their high flight,and then the Danny faced and took him to his reservation of Danny.

The Danny pressured that Dias and his father were thieves.

Dias lay back with his father’s arm around him.

“Where will we go, Dai?” Dias asked to his Father.

“Over to the Danny reservation. We ’ll be prison.”

“Oh my God,” said Dias.

On the way of Danny’s reservation they saw the sturdy man with the military uniform, he was checking the environment’s live guard. Suddenly he come nearly to us, unexpected the man whom we saw just know was my uncle ‘Silasta pare’, he is an Army at WMS ‘BATALION 756’ Papua.

“kaka (Dias’ uncle nick name), I’ll be kidnap with this man, help me!!” Dias shriek.

“do you know to him?” Asked the Danny.

“of course, he is my cousin, Dias.” Said the Army.

“yes, hi is Dias’ uncle,” said Dias’ father .

“oh.. I’m really sorry,” I thought they were thieves.

“It’s Ok.”

“please come to my honey (the Danny’s hut), as pardon’s marked of you.” The Danny’s said.


while we were walking, the Danny’s told some thing about Tokoro’s wife, he is the cheap of the Danny’s reservation, and his wife was on delivering baby’s process since 3 days ago. And tokoro was injuring his body with the sharp knife.

After we arrived at the reservation, we served the fresh beverages by Tabuni (the Danny’s occupation. After a view minutes Tabuni asked us to help Willmina (tokoro’s wife) who was on delivering baby’s process.

Dias’s father ordered Tabuni to take some water and put into the wok, and while it was heating, he spoke to Dias.

“This woman is going to have the baby, Dias,” said father.

The man in the kitchen montioned that the water was boil. Silasta pare go to the kitchen to take the water and began scrub his hand of hot water with a cake of soap he had brought from the reservation. While the uncle washed his hands very carefully and thoroughly, he talked.

“have you see, Dias, babies are supposed to be born head first but sometimes they’re not. When they’re not they make a lot of trouble for everybody.

While the baby were delivering, Tokoro stab his bottom because he heard his wife

shriek. And he though that his wife with the baby can’t be rescued. But fortunately the baby born healthly.


At midday Dias, Dias’s father and Silasta pare (Dias uncle), taken permit for going home, Tokoro’s wife and Tabuni said a great thank to them, finally Dias and his father went home happily although his uncle can’t join them.


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