The Blaster Dog (Ani Yulianti)

I’m a tenderness girl, I love everything around me. I married with a handsome man which I haven’t met before. I’m very happy and I wish I will be with him forever. The thing that makes me more beautiful in love him is that he has a same hobby with me, having a pet. At home, we had birds, fish, a cat, rabbits, a small monkey, and a dog.

My dog, big and funny animal, has a blaster feather, it very clever and friendly especially to me and my husband. It is a very obedient dog. I and my husband love it very much although it has a strange feather.

Jupiter – I called my dog. It is my favorite pet. I give it more notice than the other animal. It always goes wherever I go. He became my soul mate. Where there am I, there is Jupiter. Jupiter always follow me wherever I go, sometime he sleep with me and my husband on my bed. We are so close, sometime I feel he didn’t like an animal for me.

Once, I got a big problem. I lose my necklace, necklace of my family from generation to generation. It make me became a wild lady. I always have a fight with my husband because I never heard what he’s say to me. I never care about what he’s done for me. I waste my time for a useful thing. I’m forgot my duty, I’m forgot my pet, I’m forgot my Jupiter. I don’t know why I feel so bad just because of losing my necklace.

One night, I came home with much thought in my head. I had drunk too much and intoxicated. That day I feel that Jupiter avoided me, maybe he afraid to me. I try to certain him that I’m ok, but he suddenly bites me. I’m so angry of him. Unconscious, I took a rope from the kitchen and tied his legs and his mouth. Then, I back to the kitchen and took a knife, I cut his right ear. He cries, I see his tears, but I don’t care it. I fight him brutally and he can’t do anything. I stopped when my husband comes and quite me. I cry, I feel so regret has done it to my Jupiter.

Day by day were passed. Jupiter was recovered. His right ear is shorter than the left. I fell so regret look him like that. I try to make him nice again to me but it not easy as I thought. I think he still afraid to me after that incident. I’m so sad look him like that. But something came again to my mind. It ask me to do something that mustn’t I do. It came like a phantom whispers something to my ear. Let me to do something of evil’s crime. I don’t know why I suddenly hate everything around me. My mind was contaminated by something bad. I don’t know how to refuse. I don’t know how to prevent. I let it flow as it wants. On that night, my husband was not in home. Suddenly I catch Jupiter and put him into the sack. I throw down it forcefully to a stone in back of my house until there is no sounds come out from his mouth. Bloods come out from the sack. Jupiter died. I dig a grave for him. I grave him with all of my regret.

One night after that incident, some robbers came to my house and bring many properties of mine. My wealthy almost die, I just have very little now. I can imagine what will my husband does after this. I feel I couldn’t make her happy again.

Many days after that, I look Jupiter around my house. I’m shocked. Did Jupiter wake up again on his grave? I try to come closer. That is have a same feather, ears and so on with Jupiter but there is a difference on his tail. This new animal has a black color in his top tail. This animal is very nice to me. I don’t know why I became very loved him although it is the first time I show him. Did it because he almost same with Jupiter? I don’t know. Finally, we become close to each other and make a friendship like I and Jupiter. I can exchange my sin to Jupiter by have a good attitude to my new fried that almost same with Jupiter. I have a new world now with my new friend. I make a friendship aim with him like with Jupiter. From that, I feel a different world again.

Actually, the evil on my soul can’t go away from me. I again, give a bad treatment to the dog. But now, the dog goes to somewhere I never knew before. He suddenly lost on my side. I don’t know wherever he goes. I asked my husband but he just say, “I don’t know, maybe he avoid you because he afraid of you!” Just only caused by it matter, I’m very angry to my husband and have a fight with him. I don’t know what was influenced me. I’m very angry and I killed my husband with axe which I found beside the chair. Blood came out fro him. I know it impossible for him to stay alive. I’m so panic and then I cut him into several parts in order to no one who will know what I’ve done. I dig a grave of him and put him on it soon. I look his grave and very sorry about what I’ve done. Now I’m alone. No one beside me, no one will quite me, no one will understand me, and no one will accompany me. One by one, my soul mate leave me and I make them leave me by my self. I’m so sorry why I became like this? I wish I can turn back the time and hope it wouldn’t be happen. No I’m afraid. I’m afraid of my self, I’m afraid someone knows what I’ve done, I’m afraid I got a response from what I’ve done. But my evil soul never stop asked me to do something wrong and I can’t refuse it. I don’t know why it could be happened to me. I’m so sorry but I feel some satisfied to on my soul. Am I was mad?

Just a few days, suddenly some party police came to my house. They investigate me, she ask me about my husband but I say that I don’t know at all and we were separated for many days, I don’t know where he is and what he’s done. They check my house. They found a bloody dog’s foot prints in my house which go to where my husband was graved. Where it become? Why there is a bloody dog’s footprint on my house? I don’t understand that all. The police become suspicious. They follow that foot prints. I’m shocked when I look a dog with the right ear shorter than the left is digging upon my husband’s grave. Finally, the polices dig on the grave and found my husband’s corpse. I can’t avoid again from it all. I must receive the response of what I’ve done.


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