The Black Veil (Devi Astriyanti Nur-Atni)

It is a story of me myself. It is about a change in my life because of a girl, a mysterious girl. I hadn’t father since I was born and my mother was a maid in the foundation of orphans. I had many friends and most of them are the orphans of course. I grew with them and became a person who really cares the orphans. My mother’s master didn’t have a child s that they really dear and love me moreover after I also became an orphan.

When I was adult, they were dead. However they gave me authority to control and to be an owner of the foundation of the orphans. I have dearest orphan. She is a little girl that always used black veil. Her name is Clandestine. She was very shy and taciturn person. I couldn’t understand her but I didn’t know why I really loved her as if she had a special thing that weren’t had by the others.

When I was twenty three years old, I fell in love and then got married. I was very happy moreover he also loved orphans so that I gave him my authority to control my foundation. I thought that I was the happiest woman in the world. However, I was wrong because the happiness was gone when I and my husband knew that I couldn’t have a baby.

My husband became temperamental person. He could be angry easily. He didn’t like that before. I always felt that he didn’t care me and even loved me.

One day, when I went to the orphans’ room, I found my husband tried to touch Clandestine. I was angry to my husband and slapped him and then he went away. I was angry and slapped him until he was really strange as if she put revenge but would not want to do it. Suddenly, I feared when I saw her eyes. I brought her into her room.

The day after that event, my husband became a kind person. He cared and loved me again. I was very happy and I forgot that event because I thought that he regretted with his behavior. But I was wrong again. Three month later I heard that Clandestine was pregnant and I knew that it was my husband’s child. I tried to order her to do abortion but my husband forbad me because I couldn’t give him a baby. I couldn’t do anything except cried in every night, a crying of my weakness as a woman.

I couldn’t be angry because I couldn’t lose them. I just let it flow and attempted to forget that event. But I couldn’t behave as usual to her. Sometimes I thought that she was very wicked but sometimes I got pity on him.

Finally, their child was born, a girl, but Clandestine was dead. She wasn’t strong because her stamina was bad. That was the first time I saw my husband cried. I was very jealous with her because my husband never cried because of me. But I was happy because I could assume that her baby was my baby. My husband was very love her and so did I. She was named little Clandestine.

Fifteen years later, she grew became beautiful teenagers. But I started to hate her because she always used the black veil too. It remembered me with the worst event that I had experienced several years ago. All people in this foundation of orphans loved her and even they care her than me.

One day, in her birthday, I made the cake for her. But my deepest heart orders me to do a bad thing. I made a glass of milk, took mice poison, and put it on her drink that I had made. Then I gave the cake and a glass of milk to her. Suddenly, I heard a loud sound from my bedroom. We went to my bedroom and I was surprised because I saw my husband lay on the floor and his mouth full of white liquid.

Oh my God! I was wrong. I gave the wrong glass to the right one. I was very angry to Clandestine. I took the knife and pursued her to kill her but she had gone. I was very scared. I took my husband’s corpse and put in on the back of the cupboard in the old class of school of foundation

Day after day, no one suspicious me because of my husband and little Clandestine had gone to my husband’s village. But the old class, the place of my husband corpse was crowded because of an earthquake. My foundation of orphans was crowded of TV station, citizen, and polices. Something happened in there, my husband’s corpse was found. Finally, I was imprisoned. However before I had taken by polices, I saw a beautiful teenager with the black veil. Oh no! She was Clandestine.


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