The Black Line (Aulia Rahman)

In my greatest dream, I think how the life can show me the power of elements of the world where I live since I come from my unconsciousness. I leave everything in my past when I feel the very crowded place in my hometown cannot be one part of my world which I want to be there. When I feel so tired with my condition, I ask my parent to move to the other place and live in a village at the right side of a hill behind the city. In my mind, perhaps, the people there live with the natural law which will not bind the human in the law which is made by their selves like in my dwell place before, and also make use of everything in the nature to survive. I feel so bored with the situation like a herd of fish which follow the flow of water but they also do not know where they want to go or what they want to get. My parents agree with my desire to move from there.

In my new dwelling, I feel well because the place is so quiet, so far from the crowded city. But one thing which never changes, I still cannot adapt with the others. Until I become a teenager, I have no friends in my life.

Since I was child, I did not like to play with the other children in my neighborhood, even they expected me as a strange child and kept away from me. Most of my time, I spent at home. In my school, I never cared of the others but only study. Because of it, I became an introvert. I had a sister from my step father. When my mother decided to marry him, I was at nine years old. I remembered that I never wanted to play with her though she tried to be my companion but I did not know why I never responded her and finally she left me alone and decided to play with the others.

In my new dwelling, there is a very big banyan tree in front of my house. I do not know why I like to spend part of my time there since I move and live there. Sometimes I read some books or just sit under the big tree enjoying the flow of air. I like to open the window in the right as if there something mysterious pull me to be there, something mysterious which arouse my curiosity, even sometimes my parent find me fall asleep under the tree.

In the next day, when I sit under the tree, enjoy the flow of air, look at the sky with the moving clouds, my hand touches something closed the grass, then I look and find a necklace with the red pendulum. For the first time, nothing special from that necklace, but when I brush the pendulum, it becomes so glaring. I take it and wear it without tell anything to my parent about it. Some days later, I feel nothing happen since I found the necklace, everything is like usual. But surprisingly, I find the black like on my neck when I look in the mirror. I take off my necklace and put it on the table. I want to tell my mother about the black line on my neck, but when I hold the door handle to open it, I hear something calls my name, I turn my body and suddenly I look a shadow which wear the necklace in the mirror.

I am very shock and run as fast as I could to tell my mother about what I have looked. My mother does not believe what I say but I ask her to follow me to my bedroom and look it herself. When we enter my bedroom, there is nothing. My mother then calms me and say that it just my hallucination. Then I remember the black line on my neck and I want to show it but my mother says that there is nothing on my neck. I feel it is so unbelievable because I am sure that I look that black line on my neck when I looked in the mirror. I try to believe what my mother said and forget it. And I also cannot find that necklace again.

Something strange happens in the day later; one of people is found had killed with the black line on his neck, for the first time I fell so scared, I do not want to go out from home. I stay in my bedroom everyday. I begin to forget it after months later because the people do not say anything again about it and my mother also does not remember whatever I said about the black line on my neck.

But beyond my expectations, the same event precisely occurs again when I can forget it. With the same sign, the black line on his neck. Something which makes it different is that now I find the black line also in my neck. I feel so shock. I don’t know what I have to do. I also do not dare to tell what happened to me to my parent. In the night, when I still cannot release myself from my fear, I sit on the chair before the mirror, suddenly I feel as if I enter to the mirror, the light which came from the red pendulum becomes so glaring and I have lost myself.

In the day later, oh God! One of the people is found had killed again. I can expect that on his neck will be a same sign again like the victim before. Now what I have to do? One again that black line is forming a circle on my neck. I look myself in the mirror; two black lines form two circles on my neck, what happen to me? What the link between me and the victims? But once more again, I have lost myself when I faced that mirror and the glaring light from the red pendulum entered my eyes.

The same events occur repeatedly, when the victim is found had killed with the black line on his neck, that black line is also forming a circle on my neck. But I do not know why I do not dare to tell what happened to me. I become a devil, I become a devil, I become mad, I feel so scared, and I feel so tired, what is my fault? Who am I? Who is someone or something in the mirror? What happened to me?

I go back to my unconsciousness, beyond my mind, in the night I tie a rope in the big tree in front of my home, I cry so loudly but there seem no one can hear me, I do not know what hurt my body, but I look each part of my body is bleeding and I can expect that the tree will be smeared with my blood because I climb it to tie the rope in the far distance from soil. Before I hang myself with the rope, I look the mirror is flying before me and something which wear the necklace with the red pendulum come out from there, smile at me when looks my tears and my bloods. I become angry with it, but before I can speak something, the rope hangs my neck. I feel so hard to breath, the bright and dark lights shine is around me, I become so tired, and everything is DARK!


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