Bandung and all about its amazing the situations is the same as before, the cool air, and the beautiful landscapes that nice on eyes. And for several people or especially for ‘modern’ people Bandung become the satiation place for those are ‘bliss hunters’ while the lamp of the clubs. Because in the night Bandung will be present all bliss.

I detest my body so bad, I detest with those bliss, I so detest why am I was born with ‘it’?!

Swear!! I never plan this happens on my life’s. I have proper respect to blame the destiny even less to blame a God. Because me is mine, I that is controlling my steps, I that is have control over my awareness artery. AND I’AM IS THINKING still able to choose the other choice on the past. God… what can I do now, and what I must be pawned…?!! Are this my written….”

Hey you, the stranger… Livia, somebody hunt for you!”

It’s the voice scattering her words that don’t know what the theme of her writings. After she turned his head for ascertain that it is her past friends, someone who as the aspirations of her life style, and she is the girl that as a friends for Livia, at least o the past time, not right now. She says again…

hear me?? Someone is looking up you there… o God… are you kidding me now?? Your ears are fine right?!! Huh, just forget it!!

Her gaze was sad before, now look like hate there. But Olivia chooses to receive someone who stood besides her someone that is as her friends on the past time. And with her stammer from being upset, Livia say something that she won’t actually,

wa…it, who??”

Livia looked at his friends

your X manager!!” her friend answers while leave her

Her eyes was wide-open, it so surprises when she hear someone who wait her there. Her eyes long to be lost in thought, so deep. And at most can’t be guess, even seen. Caused by sheet of the cloths was covered it. But still beautiful, beautiful lid…

Livia hurry up turn off her notebook and go to read room in front of this library. Her thought was gone like her steps. She was remain about two weeks ago that was differences all of her live from all of sides, even to valuations sides people around her.

Livia?? Wha..t. do you think with….”

Ask the man, who was wait her while pointes what Livia were wore.

why? Hmm I’ve so sorry about our contract, I can’t continue our dealing”

bu…t, you are know all be deadline on this month even this week, come on liv…”

so…rry, I’m so sorry Revan, I’ve sends the indemnity yesterday… sorry…”

Hears what the Livia said, Revan can’t do anything. He was confused with all what he show on Livia now. Yeah, about Livia black cloth cover….

I still remember how their eyes yesterday… still now, when I standing here with a thousand eyes. I can’t guess there, as the confusing eyes, hater ayes, even the stranger eyes…. I was remembered when I called to come on the lecturer room. More than ten my lectures there, all with their angry face. One by one of they asks me about same questions, “Why do you wore it livia…?”, I said “this is my choice now sir…” up to their same enticements “come on liv…. Back to your free” and I said “I was comfort with it, at least can be cover my thief faces”…. And now I got the free… free on my mind, and free on my verse… without a thousand eyes, and without all the questions that sure I still don’t know what the answer of that’s. yeah… I got a free… the immortal free, my real freedom!! but not God creatures.”

And this morning Bandung was a stir with the ‘case of the beautiful girl that loses, disappear without tracks’ news.


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