Lich King’s Champion (Erlan Gunawan)

At the capital city of Lordaeron, near the ruined Palace Gardens, Archimonde’s pet dreadlords discuss their current plans for the scourge.

“It’s been months since we last heard from Lord Archimonde. I grow tired of watching over these rotting undead ! What are we still doing here ?”Detheroc (one of three Dreadlords) said.

“We were charge with overseeing this land, Detheroc. It is our duty to remain here and ensure that the Scourge is ready for action.” Balnazzar (one elder of three dreadlords) said.

“True… though we should have received some kind of orders by now.” Varimathras (the third Dreadlords) said.

in the other place Sylvanas (Arthas’s Friends) and Kel’Thuzad (Arthas Servant) stand across them and hide between biggest tree. Both of them heard clearly the Dreadlords discussion.

“The Legion was defeated months ago. How could the not know ?” Sylvanas Said.

“Impossible to say. But the longer they remain in command, the more they run the Scourge into the ground.” Kel’Thuzad answered.

Suddenly, someone break through the gate where the three dreadlords stand.

“What? Who could possibly…” Sylvanas surprised.

It’s Arthas, the ex-prince of human and the first Lich king’s champion. But, gladly for Balnazzar and the other, Arthas seem don’t listen what they talking about. They surprised, because Arthas didn’t need their help anylonger.

“Greetings, dreadlords. I should thank you for looking after my kingdom during my absence. However, I won’t be requiring your services any longer” Arthas said.

“But… my prince….!” Varmathras surprised.

“This land is ours. The Scourge belongs to the Legion !” Balnazzar ensuring Arthas.

“Not anymore, demon. Your masters have been defeated. The Legion is undone. Your death will complete the circle.” With confidently Arthas said it.

“never… this isn’t over human…!!” Detheroc said while three of them disappear into darkness.

After that, Kel’Thuzad the lich and Sylvanas come to Arthas.

“we knew you would return to us, Prince Arthas”

“I have returned, lich, but you will now address me as king. This is, after all, my land. Now, we must secure the kingdom by scouring the last remnants of humanity from it!”

“But, my king, the human have begun to abandon their villages. They’re fleeing to the canyon passes! If they escape into the mountains, it will be impossible to hunt them down.” The lich said.

“Then we must slaughter them before they escape! Their deaths will be a fitting tribute to Ner’zhul!”. Arthas ordered Kel’Thuzad and Sylvanas to eliminate every villager and slay remain soldier.

With his army, Arthas kill as much as he can, no one can survive this wave. Finally Arthas he fought with his ex-master as paladin. Uther The Light Bringer, who know Arthas can slaughter his own master who trained him since he young. After he killed his own ex-master or Arthas usually called him “uncle”, his new master “Lich King’s” called upon his name and ordered him to northland immediately. Suddenly Arhtas lost all his strength.

“the enemy is near, come to me and regain your power, my champion” Lich King’s whispering to him.

“Master …!!!”

“yes… yes… come to me”

Three hours later, Arthas discuss this matter to Kel’Thuzad. Arthas decided to flight away to Northland immediately. But, not too far from his kingdom Arthas get an ambush from three Dreadlords that hate him. Arthas cannot escape, when one of that dreadlords try to give him last hit, suddenly Sylvanas come to rescue him. Arthas can survive with Sylvanas sacrife’s.

“I won’t forget this day…… friend”

“Go… my king revenge my death”

“I will… I will…”

Finally Arthas departed from his kingdom and sailed to the north for reach his own master palace, home of undead. At this journey, Arthas must fight various monster, such as Libbay (gigantic shark with granite skin), Ice Troll ( Huge and Vicious), Sephinroth (Ancient king of ice dragon clan) at this battle Arthas lost his loyal servant, Kel’Thuzad sacrife his own life as Sylvanas did..

Arthas met someone…

Strong, Vicious, and have Archimonde power’s, his name is Illidan. Long time ago Illidan was an Elf, but his brother has cursed him and finally he met Archimonde. He follow his new master and changed his status from holly elf to damned demon. Illidan has ordered by his master to destroy the betrayer Lich king’s.

“Arthas.. you shall die now”

“No one can stop me demon”

“Don’t lie to yourself, I know you have lost all your strength, now let me give you a gift from my master, an eternal death”

Even Arthas knew he cannot win to fight him, but he not flee,. At last, Arthas almost lose from this battle. But, who know help always be there when he need it. A giant bug with spiked over his body help him from Illidan. He is an ancient king of Az’Qul Nerub (bug clan from northland). Lich king’s sent him to aid Arthas. Both Arthas and Illidan they fought curiously. In the end, Illidan must slayed by Mighty Lich king’s champion.

At the top of icy mountain, finally Arthas see the Frozen throne. This throne binded Lich king’s. Lich king’s ordered him to break down the seal.

“Arthas my champion…. Break down that seal, and release me from here. As I promised, I will give you my own power to you”

“as you wish master”

After he broke that seal, a mighty power released from it and get trough to Arthas sword. From now, he named his own sword “Frostmourne” the most powerful sword on the earth filled Lich king’s power. With this weapon, Arthas can command his army to conquer all over the world. He can destroy many things that approach him, and resurrect every corpse to be his army, and he cannot feel pain anymore, frostmourne protect him all time.

“come my warrior, we can make this world belong to us. Now…. the Scourge will be unstoppable” Arthas command all his army to conquer the earth.


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