DAYAK CAMP (Estu Putu Wulan Asih)

At the river shore, there wan two man waiting for people which could helped hum. But in the other situation of the river, there was a boat that brings a family, they are some person who had researched for some explanation of the dayak camp, in the boat there are selvi, the daughter of Jane and Mark, her daddy.

Then, the boat drawn up of the river shore, and two man who waiting the helped from the people.

Can you help us for do something which emergency ? somebody had get the bad condition of her healthy ! the man said.

Ok. Let me see the condition of her ! Jane said.

In the trip of other forest, the family followed the two man that, and then them found some situation of that forest which make the scary conditions. Like the trees which likewise the monster who followed them. And they found many snake in the forests and finally the two man immediately mad the shakes keep away from them. Beside that the wild animals like crocodiles, tiger and etc almost attacked them. But the two man helped them.

Selvi asked to her daddy, where will we go dad ?

Over to camp the Dayak ethnical group in this island !

Oh, then wahat will we do in there, because I feel so scary in this forest !

We will help somebody that is very bad conditions in her life!

And they ordered into the shack, and immediately Mama helped a women in the bend will be born a baby. And mama ordered to maturing some some water to be put in the stove.

In Kalimantan island, there is an ethnical group that is Dayak camp which have some tradition in their belief. This tradition is became the special tradition in Dayak Camp that is they have the long ear and they cut the tip tongue.

Then Selvi felt scary with their conditioned, because they seem to stranger than other people. So selvi was hide in her daddy. While her mom as the nurse help the women to get the baby born.

But in the other situation Selvi felt so anxious with the condition of the women. The woman is screaming loudly.

Oh, mam pleased helped her to stop the screaming! Selvi said. It is not important honey, they important of this situation is how to saved the baby and the lady.

Oh, I see mom. I hope the baby and the women had helped by you. I hope so, mom said.

In the other situations of out the room, the husband of the lady smoking a agar in the dark with friend, with the restless felt, appear the confused felt, he scream very loudly after the listen the screaming of his wife voice. And then he cutting the finger of his hand to felt the sickness of his wife.

This women looked have the long ear, it means that the woman has the authority of this area.

After while minutes, mam out of the room with brings the baby boy to give for his daddy. And the husband felt happy because the baby born with saved in this world, and it is favor to Selvi’s family. And he said to the family of Silvi which can help the process of baby born.

And other situations the lady looked very tired after she born a baby boy. Her husband looked very tight, and went to one place. That is name Jubata, Petara, Ala Taala which they called his god or the authority. As we know the Dayak ethnical group have the faithful for dynamism, belief for one thing that is have the authority.

Why her husband leave the woman dad? Selvi said.

Oh no, her husband is going to pray to his god, he went to one place selvi!

Her father said.

Why did her husband belief to the faith ? Selvi said.

Oh, I don’t know honey, but after he went to the place he surely come back to this place. Daddy said.

What did her husband required to the help of his God ?

Oh, yes honey

After he come back to this place, he felt calm after he saw his wife, that feel better that before.


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