Dayak Camp (Diah Ismularsih)

At the lake, there was some rowboat that drawn up. The seen two Dayak stood waiting to someone. Kevin and his father got in the stern of the boat and the Dayak shoved and one of them got in to row. Uncle John sat in the stern of the camp rowboat. The young Dayak shoved the camp boat off and got in to row uncle john.

Two rowboats started off in the night. Kevin heard the oarlocks of the other boat quite a way ahead of them in the mist. The Dayak rowed with quick. And then Kevin scary with Dayak, Kevin lay back with his father arm around him. It was cold on the water/ Dayak who was rowing them was working very hard, but the other boat moved further ahead in the mist all the time.

“Where are we going dad?” Kevin said.

“Over to the dark camp”, there is a dark lady very sick”.

“Oh I see dad”! Said Kevin

They found the other boat beached that already, uncle john smoking in the night, because he was in the night very cold, and then the young Dayak looking with sad.

They waked from the beach in a meadow that was soaking wet and dew. The following young Dayak who has carried a lantern. And then they went into woods and the follow a trail that led to logging road that ran back into the hills. Then they found a lighter on the logging road as the timber was cut away on both sides. The young Dayak stooped and blew out his lantern and they all walled on a long road.

Inside the woods to getting a young Dayak woman. She was crying because baby there that in stomach will to give born. All the old woman in the camp had been helping her. The man had moved off up the rood to sit in the night and to cut smoke of range of the noise she made. She scream as Kevin and the two Dayak follow his father and uncle john into massy. She lay in the lower bunk, very big unclear a quite. Her head was turn to one side. In the upper bunk was her husband. He had cut his foot very badly with an ax three days before. He was smoking a pipe. The room smelled very bad.

Kevin’s father ordered some water to be put on the stove, and while it was heating he spoke to Kevin.

“This lady very sick dad?” Kevin said.

“No”, this lady is going to have a baby, Kevin, “he said.

“I know,” said Kevin.

“You don’t know,” said his father. “Listen to me. She is gone through is called being in labor.

The baby wants to be born and she wants it to be born. All her muscles are trying to get the baby born. That is what happening she creams.”

“I see”, said Kevin. Just then the woman cried out.

“Oh dad”, cant you give all woman to something make her stop screaming? Asked Kevin

“No! I not haven something to her stop screaming because to all that no important.

all woman very the fear see that young woman will bear, altogether nothing that take hot water for his father Kevin. Last of doctor even also immediately take water in the kitchen.

Doctor slow releases that baby from the woman Dayak stomach. Baby weep voice even also heard. All that is in situ feel moved emotionally. The baby cleaning with warm water which have taking mentioned.

“See his baby is men Kevin”! How looking like you?

Kevin said “all right dad! He was looking away so as not to see what his father was doing.

“There. That gets it,” said his father and put something into basin.

Nick didn’t look at it.

Now,” his father said,” there some stitches to put in. you can watch this or not, nick just as you like. I’m going to sew up the incisions I made.

His father finished and stood up. Uncle John and the three Indian men stood up. Nick put the basin out in the kitchen. Uncle John looked at his arm. The young Dayak smiled reminiscently.

“I’ll put some peroxide on that, john,” the doctor said.

He bent over the Indian woman. She was quite now and her eyes were closed. She looked very pale. She didn’t not know what had become of the baby or anything.

“I’ll be back in the morning.” The doctor said, standing up

“Olivia nurse will come tomorrow for care” said the doctor

Have spoken that, she then leave them. There she already nothing that require it again. Kevin stands up in periphery of kitchen door.

“I’m terribly sorry I brought you along, Kevin,” said his father, all his post-operative exhilaration gone.

“It was an awful mess to put you thought”.

“Do ladies always have such a hard time having babies?” Kevin asked

“Why did he kill himself, daddy?”

“I don’t know, Kevin. He couldn’t stand things, I guess.”

“Do many men kill themselves, daddy?”

“Not very many, Kevin”.

Do many women?”

“Hardly ever”?

Oh, yes. They do sometimes.”

The sun was coming up over the hills. A bass jumped, making a circle in the water. Kevin trail his hand in the water. It felt warm in the sharp chill of the morning

In the early morning on the lake sitting in the stern of the boat with his father rowing. He felt quite sure that he would never die.


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