An Arrow (Didik Santoso)

He has not appear in such a long time. Since He left her home, He had not given information about Himself. Only a news from newspaper informed that He was hunted person, the big game.

After a few years, He appeared in Her home again. He came with bringing a box like a suitcase. He knocked the door, tried to open the door handle. Locked. He knocked again. A few moment later door handle opened, the door welcome Him to enter. He could not take his eyes off the door handle and the window.

She hugged Him a moment.

“Where have You been?” she said in whisper. “I miss you, my beloved one”

“I, I got trouble so I go far away from You because I do not want You… I was compelled to engage in a big game.” He answered slowly. “And now I am in still that game.”

“What kind of game?” She asked with confuse

“I do not want You know it.” He could not stop looking at Her

“I believe in You. Tell Me, please” She pleaded with Him

“There are many eyes watch us.” He said

“So, why?”

“I have to kill You?”


“It is my job.”


“Because, I do not know. It just my job. Sorry.”


He pointed His knife at Her belly.

A knife sliced on his hand, but suddenly he remembered someone who is in front of him. She helped him when he had come to this city. His first bath was in her bath room, his first ice tea and coffee break at night, he could looked all of his first life in his new place, strange city.

“Ah, my tell of woe left me cold.” He said in his mind, “But, I must do this.” He continue

Once more, the knife was ready to break the skin of a weak body. The hand holding the knife swung out as fast as thunder. The knife broke the wind. Her belly looks so thin, old belly. He suddenly burst into tears.

“I do not have feeling of embarrassment. Should I cancel? But, one other chance she will kill me if I do not kill her now. I feel pity to her.” He hesitates although he was hired assassin. “I can not allow that to happen.”

But, they were on the track of the murderer. When he was ready to commit suicide, take of her life, an axe attacked him vehemently, so did a few arrows. But, an arrow missed its target when it attacked.

Some other blood …


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