A Camping Trip (Ani Nur Aeniah)

Ketty squirmed against the thick, rusty chains that bound her desk in Mr. Gerrard science class. Tick..tick…tick…tick…

Ketty glanced up at the clock

Three a.m.!?

Ketty stared out the window. Moonlight reflected off the schoolyard’s deserted bike rack.

She’d been her for hours, she’d missed supper, her favorite TV show. And it was way past her bedtime. Her parents must be frantic.

Would this science test never end?

Ketty! Hurry up ! I’m waiting for you !

Ketty rubbed her sleepy eyes and squinted toward the doorway. Standing in the darkened hall, tom waved at her through thick iron prison bars that blocked the door

Now she remembered he’d asked her to go with him to the half life, the coolest after school hangout in the paradie Valley even though he was a ninth grader and she wa only in the eight grde. He was going to treat her to some curly fries. And he had something important to ask her…

But she couldn’t go until she finished this test, ketty tried to scribble down an answer any answer but she couldn’t lift her arm an inch. Her hand weighed a ton

She sneaked a look at the clock again. Now a skull and cross bones leered at her, its bony arms pointing out the time

Four a.m..

Ketty,,! A deep voice rumled Mr. Owen ! time is running out…out..out…

Ketty sneaked a look at her teacher. His thick spectacles glowed like headlights, and why was he wearin a police officr’s uniform at school ?

Ketty stared at her test paper

The words scrambled across the page like bugs in a raid attack. She tried to scoop them back onto the paper

Her number 2 pencil squirmed in her leaden hand. But it wasn’t a pencil, it was…a snack with fangs

Ketty flung it across the room

The chains tightened around her, choking her…..”gerrard” she cried frantically. Help me !

I can’t, ketty ! I can’t get in!”

There was only one way out. Ktty would have to use her secret powers, the only problem which one?

She could zap the lock on the prison door. Or she could close her eye, morph into a silvery thick liquid, and ooze out of her chains.

But wait, maybe gerrard wouldn’t want to take an oozy, gurgling puddle of silvery Jell-O to the Half-Life. Maybe a gooey ketty would gross him out.

A little fingertip fireworks, on the other hand, might actually impress him.

Better zap, ketty quickly decided, blast the door open. Then Gerrard could help her escape

Ketty started to wiggle her fingertips

Don’t you dare

Ketty froze, her head whipped around. Steping out from behind Mr. Owen, her older sister, anie, glared at her. And she was wearing a police officers uniform,too!

Remember, ketty, anie warned, wagging her finger in ketty’s face. You can’t use your powers in public.. you can’t let anyone know…can’t let anyone know…..

But ketty no longer cared. All she could think about was getting out of this awful classs. Twisting in her chains, she wiggled the tips of her stiff fingers

Zap..! lightning like flashes blasted the iron bars, sparks showered the room.

k..e..t..t..y ! Gerrard shouted

ketty ducked her head as the room filled with smoke

someone grabbed her shoulders


Now someone was shaking her

Ketty! Snap out of it..!ketty slowly opened one eye. Her face was asooshed into the crook of her arm. A tiny dribble of drool tricked from the corner of her mouth.

Ketty,,!Anie gave her another shake,”Ketty get up you’r going to be late. Ketty sat up slowly and shoved her long dirty blond hair out of her face, where’s…Mr Owen? She mumbled.

Anie rolled her dark brown eyes, at school I expect. Which is where you should be headed. Ketty opened her other eye

She wasn’t at Santa Angela junior High School. She wasn’t in Mr.Owen science class.

She was at home, in the kitchen

She stared at the table in front of her.

No sciece test

Just a bowl of soggy breakfast cereal that had lost all its snap, crackle, and pop

Schoolwork…! She knew it was getting her down. But now she was even having nightmares about it. At the breakfast table..!

Ketty let out a big groan, poked her spoon into her cereal, and took a mushy bite. If Mr. Owen dricks and the science test had been a dream, then so had her date Gerrard at the half life, I should have known it couldn’t be true…..

Beside, they were afraid that the plant would find out about ketty. The fewer people who know about her. The better.

Don’t worry ,Dad..Anie said brightly, pating her father on the arm. You’ll figure it out eventually

I hope so, he said shaking his head. Ketty propped her head up on one hand and mompled sleepy, what didi you say dad?

I said it’s time for school, Ketty…

Ketty mumbled goodbye as she grabbed her pack and headed for the door.

It might be smart to open your eyes on the way there ! Anie called out.

Crash… the sound of smashing trashcans made George and Barbara Mack wince

Alex poked her sleepy head back inside the door”uh.. I’m okay! Then she spotted a paper bag on the counter.oops, forget my lunch.

Her parents exchanged a concerned glace.

Ketty honey are you ok! Is something Wrong

Nothing that summer vacation wont cure,

Anie teased as she picked up her own books.

Ketty made a playful face at her sister as she headed once more for the back door

Were entirely too busy as a family these days, we don’t even know what’s going on with you girls at school especiallt you, ketty.

I agree, George said we need to spend more time together as a family

Sure, dad. Maybe thi summer. Bye..! the kitchen door slammed as Ketty raced off

No need to worry, Ketty told herself, they’ll forget about this family time stuff by suppertime…


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