Suddenly, he goes away and vanishes in bush. Sound loudly a thundering voice of crowd large group people, hunting. Bludgeon and big knife lad, threaten….

“He takes to that direction,” said one of pursuer.

“Enter that bush!” other voice

“Pursue him!”

“Catch him!”

If he caught, what are we doing to do?

“Burn him live!”

“But, where does he hide?”

Thick night, dense of trees, marshy wide land, and dense of bushes. The place is very dark. The hunted, wear black clothes. He doesn’t snort. Silent, with feeling tremble and worry. Is this the last time for him to life? The last time for him to breath as man?

View times ago, he sat at coffee shop corner that way. He drank a glass of coffee, ate two pieces of fried banana and others. His eyes look confused but he is still spooky. Talk-less. Always threw view anywhere.

“I’ve seen him at coffee shop and he didn’t want to face other, seemingly he do not want to be recognized,” said man that bring bludgeon. “If I were know him before, I would beat him up!” he continued. The boy looks angry.

“If he caught, kick his ass!” The other agrees…

Then groups of that people return attack to the bushes such as getting to return their spirit after mentioned to some times feel without effect stirring that place. As far as save, he doesn’t found yet by mass. He is worry, afraid, and trembles. Will he die on-hand of mass tonight? No, not this time! He dreams. They are, citizen that more wild not permit to touch my body, even hurt it. I don’t permit them to find my shelter. His breath swooshes mixed with fear. Perhaps, this is his final adventure as criminal. As a thief. This is his final battle to fight the death. People spell out, how good squirrel jumps at one time will fall. Might be, this is off day for him. The end of the battle? Who knows.

But his heart ossifies. His spirit to fight always be flamed. I do not want to die for nothing on their hands. He fizzes. How poor Jessica, if I die she will be a widow. How poor Cliff, he will be an orphan if I die now. Whereas, he still require a father to lead him reach adult. He thinks about Jessica, laying on bad. Arrest illness patiently. Surrender. He always smiles, and Cliff faithfully accompanies and looks after her. Cliff is good child,

His mind muses to a period ago. When he married Jessica, and still worked for milk factory. After Cliff was born, his life starts to intrude. The factory where he worked goes bankrupt step by step, caused lot of rival with other factory. When Cliff was 8 years old, he was fired. He is out of job. His old friend at Senior High School had invited him burgling office. . This became the first time for him entered black jungle, sinful. Million threats and risk block, but all of that have to be experienced, because he doesn’t want his wife and four children die cause of starvation. Through years, he had been always successful. Have never been caught, in consequence he still be foreign with prison. But not caused he is foxy or has witchcraft, but just because of lady luck. God doesn’t wish him caught and entered jail yet. He is still alone in the bush, his friends was safe. Perhaps his friend has been fallen asleep at home now. Might be he is being in love with his wife.


Reddish sun start rises in east, irradiating trees. The day comes for a moment. He hopes citizen impatient waiting him out from his shelter, then return to their own home. That is a moment he’ll go out from those bushes. But that expectation is without effect, citizenry more increasingly, forming new group. From the brush he peeps at people. His body returns to tremble, cold-sweat dropped.

“Oh My God, help me…”

Then he closed his eyes. He likes stepping out from that bush, no one knows or see him return home. Jessica, which still laying on bad welcomes him. Surprised Cliff see his parent embrace each other.

“Dad, how are you doing?”

“Are you all right, honey?” Jessica said.

“I’m very well!” He nods, smiles, and staring down at Jessica and Cliff.

“Until when you such as this. Hunted…” continued Jessica, his voice is slow and hardly hears.

“I don’t know…” said that man. Then…

“That’s the thief. The man is over there!” heard from one of mass clamant and appoint his shelter behind the bush. Those scream shatter his dream.

The sun looks perfect.

“Where is him?”

“That is…behind the bush!”

“HI…don’t flee!”

“Catch him, harry!’

“Beat him up!”

“Finish him!”

“Burn him….”

It’s very noisy. Going to his shelter. Now he cannot run, and surely breaking away. He has been besieged. Cannot flee. After that, blunt object nest on his body continuously, attack him. Asking help not be heard more, longer and slower.

The End


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